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2500 Euros for a Good Cause


Christmas time is time for donations – the brand preeflow by ViscoTec also represents this principle. Every year at Christmas, preeflow donates to a charitable organization. In 2018, the foundation…
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Dispensing of Electrically Conductive Materials


Challenges in handling highly filled and abrasive materials: When it comes to electrically conductive materials, we are dealing with dispersions. They are generally referred to as electrically conductive…
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Outdated Interfaces Are Being Eliminated


2018 is drawing to a close, but not the innovative strength of ViscoTec! In December, the new eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0 micro-dispensing controller will be introduced. It will be available on the market…
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ViscoTec, Hoenle and Panacol at LEAP Shenzhen 2018


At the upcoming LEAP-Show in Shenzhen (Electronics Manufacturing Automation Expo) ViscoTec Greater China and the UV equipment manufacturer Hoenle will appear together with Panacol…
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Whitepaper: Microdispensing of adhesives


High-precision results in microdispensing of adhesives are a supreme discipline in dosing technology. To wear the crown, a whole series of challenges must be mastered. Adhesives are becoming more and…
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Multitool extends dispenser package

Good tools for assembly are essential. Even though the products of the preeflow portfolio are designed according to the plug’n’play principle, there are still a few steps to be taken before the system runs. The new multitool makes…
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Precise dispensing enables clean work

Dosing processes had to be optimized at Franklin Electric’s Czech production site. The employees of the internationally leading pump manufacturer for water and fuels faced a special challenge: The waste of material during…
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SMT China VISION Award for the eco-SPRAY

The 12th SMT China VISION Award was presented at the NEPCON China in Shanghai at the end of April. ViscoTec is also one of the prize winners with the preeflow eco-SPRAY this year. The participating…
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10 years of know-how in microdispensing

With its systems and know-how resulting from 10 years’ experience in microdispensing, preeflow offers the ideal solution when it comes to highly accurate results and specific…
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The development of a market leader in microdispensing of fluids

“Smaller, more precise, more economical” – this is the motto of the preeflow products. For almost 10 years now, the micro dispensers have been integrated into dos…
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eco-PEN330 – The Missing Link of microdispensing

With the eco-PEN series, preeflow has already established a broad base on the market of volume dispensers. Now they are mastering the next challenge in the area of…
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Premium Dosing Needles as Disposables at preeflow

Now also available from stock: High-quality ½” standard dosing needles, as well as conical and black conical dosing needles for UV applications…
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Reduced material consumption for electrical manufacturer

intertronics installed a preeflow system successfully: Precision dispensing helps electrical manufacturer Parkinson Harness Technology to reduce waste by improving quality and yield…
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Quality and production performance increased with automated dosing

The safety devices manufacturer GJD improved its automated production with the micro dispensing systems by ViscoTec. GJD designs, produces and sells intruder detection products…
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The eco-PEN from preeflow as densimeter

Precise information on the material properties is essential for the dosing accuracy. As a rule, a material data sheet with all relevant data is provided for all liquids…
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preeflow expands the components of the eco-PEN series

After disassembling the dosing system, users are always faced with the same annoying task: The system must be re-adjusted and attached to the robot. preeflow has… Word-File 101 KB

Profiting from the perfect dosage

Supratec Syneo recommended that BBraun convert to preeflow Systems and UV adhesive. In the medical sector more and more apparatus and casings are glued… Word-File 95 KB

Automotive dreams perfectly dosed!

The Porsche 918 Spyder combines hybrid technology and innovative design with driving fun of a racing car, but with eco-friendly consumption. Revolutionary… Word-File 188 KB

Miniaturization as the driving force

Thomas Diringer (Business Unit Manager Components & Devices) from ViscoTec in an interview about the preeflow brand and the latest trends in micro dispensing… Word-File 56 KB

beyerdynamic is impressed by preeflow

The volume dispenser eco-SPRAY from preeflow, which has been available since 2016, has already established itself in the marketplace and also impressed the German hi-fi headphones… Word-File 54 KB

Dosing fluids with high precision

The fully automated dispensing system, dispenseALL420 from Fritsch GmbH in Kastl / Utzenhofen, is a flexible system for the dosing of a variety of different materials… Word-File 381 KB

Spraying of maskings and conformal coatings

The preeflow® eco-SPRAY precise volume dispenser from ViscoTec is the ideal solution for even and fast application of Panacol maskings and conformal coatings… Word-File 648 KB

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